"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the video on multiple attackers . There was excellent teaching and best of all actual applications of the techniques and concepts. I regard your instruction to be very practical and no nonsense with an honesty that in some circles of martial arts is hard to find..."

John Belardo
Edmond, Ok

"Street Self Defense 101 vol. 4 Multiple Attackers is a thorough and informative guide that is easy to follow. The training methods presented are realistic and effective, and Shihan Michael Pace does an excellent job of explaining the strategies and techniques. The teachings from this DVD will definitely help the practitioner increase his or her odds of surviving a self-defense situation. I highly recommend this DVD."

Respectfully, E. De Mayo Certified Self-Defense Instructor Self-Defense Practitioner, 12 years
Palmdale, CA

"Lots of DVD's are produced but very few explain all of the details so you can use what is advertised. This DVD doesn't leave out those crucial bits of required information and explaination.

Growing up in Public Housing this video would have saved me from alot of injuries...
Get this DVD to satisfy your thirst for learning from a expert instructor in how to maneuver and position yourself for protection of a gang attack.

Brian Denyer
Toronto, Canada

"I received the multiple attackers DVD from you recently and watched it this morning. I thought it was excellent. I like the way it's kept fairly straightforward.

I now have all four of your Street Defence 101 series, all of which I value."

Charles McCaw
United Kingdom

"This DVD provides a practical range of ideas/solutions for both training and application in an honest easy to understand format. Clips of people under pressure reinforce the message. It is well worth purchasing."

Don Lovett

New Zealand





Fighting more than one person at a time is never easy. Without proper training... It's nearly impossible!


The Truth About Defending Against Multiple Attackers

It amazes me just how much BS there is out there about defending against more than one person. I have guys tell me stories how they fought off three of four guys and came out without a scratch. Or the one how this five, foot four inch guy, took on four thugs with knifes and sticks and beat the hell out of all of them.

I say... Bull Sh...

Look, I've been training and teaching self defense for over 40 years. Fighting more than one person at the same time is not easy... even with proper training. Without it... it's nearly impossible.

In a real fight or self defense situation, the adrenaline is pumping. Tunnel vision prevails. Cognitive thinking is limited. Fine motor coordination is gone. Things get crazy.

Hollywood has us fooled!

The movies have made martial arts heros look like supermen. Fighting off gangs of armed attackers with flying kicks and spectacular moves. Each would be killer, waiting his turn to attack our hero, as they watch their buddies defeated one at a time.

Here's the truth...

I am here to tell you that if you are attacked by multiple opponents, you have the fight of your life on your hands. And... expect to get banged up... at the least!

In fact, I would venture to say that if you are not properly trained the odds of you coming out victorious are slim to none!

In just a few seconds you will be swarmed upon with punches and kicks coming from all directions. Not a pretty sight.

What you can do about it!

To have a fighting chance you need to know the proper strategies, tactics and techniques that will give you the best possible odds of defeating multiple attackers.

Armed with proper knowledge and some practice, you increase your chances one hundred fold of walking away from a gang attack.

Look, there are no guarantees in life. But doesn't it make sense to at least prepare yourself for the eventuality of a multi attack?

Multiple Attackers DVD

For a number of years now, many of my video students and subscribers have asked me to do a video on fighting multiple opponents. I have been very reluctant to shoot this video for several reasons.

First, there is so much misconception about what it really takes to deal with multiple attackers.

Second, so many, so called self defense experts, make it seem so easy, I knew that I would be under heavy criticism regardless of what I I turned out.

Third, I know from my experience in adrenal stress response training that even with proper training and practice that defending against more than one person at a time is really tough.

My video would be a guide. A tool to give my students the very best odds... but not a guarantee of success.

Nevertheless, I decided that it would truely benefit my students and followers to have such a step by step training video on multiple attackers that I finally did produce it.

It's called:

Street Self Defense 101 Volume IV
Multiple Attackers

This is what is in it:

  • The principles of stacking opponents

  • What type of techniques work best

  • Why proper movement is essential

  • Multiple opponent pad drills

  • What kind of techniques to avoid

  • How to use your attackers as a shield

  • Pre-emptive striking. When, why and and targeting

  • Gang attack drill

  • Scenario training

  • Padded asailant drills

  • Plus more!

We have also included a plethora of clips on multiple opponent padded assailant fights that show full contact defenses against a number of different scenarios of multi attackers. These are extremely valuable and are truly worth studying.

The regular list price of this DVD is $39.95 plus S&H
only $29.95 plus S&H.

Ordering is easy! For US and Candian orders please click on our order information page to the left, below. All other countries please click on the International link on the right.

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Michael Pace

Self Defense - personal protection - self defense training

PS Yes I am a real instructor and I teach five days a week at my own dojo (training hall) but we are teaching skills that really do work on the street!

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